Recurring Deposit Calculator

    Use the RBL Bank Recurring Deposit calculator and find out the value of your money

    Want to know how much you can earn on recurring deposits? Here is a recurring deposits calculator by RBL Bank that lets you identify the maturity amount and the interest earned when you
    open a recurring Deposit.


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Break up of Total Balance

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 Maturity Date:

Terms and Conditions

  • The rates are subject to change from time to time.
  • The interest rate is auto populated for Resident deposits < 1Cr
  • You are free to input any rate of interest in the calculator, however the bank will pay interest as per the rates published on the website for the respective dates and tenors.
  • In case of premature closure of the FD, the interest payable and applicable penalty would be calculated as per Bank Policy.
  • Maturity amount provided is subjected to TDS if applicable, as per Income Tax Act from time to time.
  • Non-submission of PAN will attract higher rate of TDS as applicable.
  • If interest pay outs are monthly customer will receive Discounted Rate of Interest.
  • The minimum tenure applicable for NRE deposit is 1 year.
  • To check the interest rates Click here
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